"YES... I'm Giving Away My Ferrari F430 Spyder To Whomever Can Help Me GIVE AWAY The Most Copies of My New Book!"
DATES:  March 24th - April 21st @ 4:00 PM EST
Mail Early and Mail Often To Lock In Your Sales Early!
So, we had to create some basic rules, to keep the scammers out... :)  

RULE #1 - No Cheating.... (the contest is based on books sold IN the funnel.  You can't just go buy 5,000 copies yourself, ha ha)  You have to push people THROUGH your affiliate link.  

RULE #2 - the contest is based on UNIQUE books sold.  So if one dude buys 300 books, that counts as 1 sale.  

RULE #3 - If your people aren't buying any upsells... then we assume that you're not sending real people.  We know what % our upsells convert at, and you need to be within the median upsell conversions of all affiliates.   We will announce the winner at the live event after we have been able to confirm all sales.

RULE #4 - we will be awarding the Ferrari LIVE at the event (Event info at: FunnelHacking.com) May 28-30th in Las Vegas - you must be at the event to win the Ferrari (we want to make giving it to you a SUPER cool experience, and if you're not there - we can't do that)  

RULE #5 - You are responsible for all associated taxes from winning the Ferrari (no worries, if you want, after you get the pictures of you and the car, you can sell it for a quick $130k and cover your taxes. :)  

RULE #6 - The top 10 affiliates all get to come race Ferrari's with us the day before the live event!  That's not really a rule, but thought it would be a lot of fun.  :) 
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